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Who Will Save The Guitar?

Posted by JoyfulPickin on Monday, February 20, 2017

After reading the "Who Will Save the Guitar?" article in Guitar Player mag,I've decided to reach out. According to the article,teens have been taking up guitar and abandoning it in a month or less......which is largely due to,IMO,them not knowing where to go to learn the most basic skills- how to use a tuner,basic chords,and the like. Guitar manufacturers are concerned with this trend which has been going on for some years now. For whatever reason,our youth have not connected with music the way previous generations have. Most comments welcome on this,but please save your anti-hand held tech,and old school "music is a commitment" thoughts. I'm looking to see how to get youth into guitar playing that is more akin to a courtship.

5 comments on “Who Will Save The Guitar?”

UsuallyPickin Says:
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 @9:04:25 AM

Music played alone is for the true lover of music, someone that already has the bug and wants to move beyond their current level of skill...... music played as a social experience, shared, is what IMO will keep and instrument sales going into the future. Everyone can sing to a greater or lesser degree and the obvious instrument to accompany that vocal music is an instrument that is both versatile and portable...... sooo.... jams, circles, campfires, ..... fun will draw people together and into music. With the crush of information available online on how to tune, play or care for an instrument it is difficult for me to cast lack of instruction as the culprit. I suspect that I am in disagreement with the article and am of the opinion that about the same percentage of people follow through as have always done so. How many people do you know that have bought instruments versus how many play them ten years later. How much larger is the marketable populace? Another look or aside is how many pets are bought and abandoned. Some people love animals some don't. So many guitars are sold and gather dust. Have you noticed how many appear as set dressing in movies and TV shows on stands and hanging on walls never touched or mentioned as part of a plot yet free of dust. People will play and I doubt that guitar sales will disappear.The industry is riding a wave currently and it will reach the beach. But will come again..........

GuitarTom2 Says:
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 @6:58:46 AM

I agree with a lot of what is in UsuallyPickin's response... At age 56+, I've lived through the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s... As a teacher of numerous musical instruments, i.e., guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle, I've seen young folks and others of other ages come and go... Guitar and/or music, in general is not for every one, but in our youth, that is our time to try 'the cool stuff around us' and find what suits us. Historically, so many musicians come from families that have other pickers, i.e., aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma and/or grandpa... So, genetics plays a part in all of this... Some folks are destined to become pickers and others are just passersby... My own daughter begged me while about age 12 to buy her a keyboard, so she could take a class at school and practice at home. I bought the keyboard, she took the class and passed with a decent grade and then... then... then... NEVER TOUCHED IT AGAIN! Now at age 34, she's still proud of the fact that her dad plays music and tells her friends about it...

It seems like the guitar is and has been, always around us... On television, in movies, people at church who play, relatives and friends who play... It's just like fishing... Gotta bait the hook and/or cast the net... If you're a fisherman/woman of guitar candidates, you should always be about the business of presenting your guitar playing/singing/ music everywhere and anywhere you can...

I work at a music store with numerous guys and gals who are performers, they love to be on stage WITH people, performing FOR people, etc. That gets their message out... I find myself to be less of a performer and more of a "Music Therapist", though I have no formal education in the latter... When I come home from work, or anywhere, I like to sit down and play a tune or two or more, just for the purposes of relaxation and personal enjoyment...

When I've gone out to play free gigs at nursing homes, etc., my own performing becomes 'therapy' for the residents. It gets them tapping a foot, smiling, rocking about in their seats... And remembering fond musical thoughts from their earlier years on planet Earth...

As in everything else in life, whether trying to improve sales in a business, or preaching the gospel to folks in the hopes of 'catching' some soon-to-be-believers, foot traffic is everything. In other words, EXPOSURE! You must always be in the business and the act of presenting your musical works in order to attract followers.

I personally believe that music itself is a gift from our creator and will always be with us in some form...

Think of the slaves of all ages that sang while they executed their chores, people of all faiths and all ages who sang in praise of their creator, any one/anywhere in a state of oppression who had only their own singing voice or ability to hum a simple melody to help them through their tough time...

Music has been with us forever, and will be around as long as we are...

The genetic code to do so is in us...

My Italian grandfather, Clement Arri, sang every day of his life... Ate age 94, while living his last days in a nursing home, went to a Christmas mass on Christmas eve, sang Christmas songs in Italian, went back to his room afterwards, laid down and went to sleep. That was his last day on Earth... Singing Christmas songs to anyone who would listen in the nursing home's chapel...

If it's in your blood, you can't escape it... And it does seem to skip generations... Even if my daughter doesn't pursue it, maybe her kids or her kids/kids will...


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