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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Stroke Direction 3/4 Time - help

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Hilly Strings - Posted - 02/19/2021:  12:15:56

Any help with validating the pick direction of this version of Down In The Willow Garden by David Grier would be much appreciated.



Tony O Rourke - Posted - 02/20/2021:  13:50:36

I pick by the mantra of Down ''on'' the beat and Up ''off'' the beat. Looking at the picking directions that are displayed between the standard notation staff and the TAB staff I notice that there are a number of crotchet notes(quarter notes) that are ''on'' the beat but have up strokes. I would change these to down strokes. These occur on the last note at the end of line 1, last note of Bar1/Line 2, last note of Bar1/Line 3, last note of Bar3/Line 3,and the last note of both bars 2 and 3 in line 4. However, I'm a bit uncomfortable changing Grier's picking markings!!

Hilly Strings - Posted - 02/20/2021:  13:56:39

Hi Tony

Thanks, the pick strokes are my interpretation. The original TAB doesn't have them.


Hilly Strings - Posted - 02/20/2021:  22:40:20

Hi Tony

Updated, it makes sense, thnaks


Mastomo - Posted - 02/21/2021:  15:22:11

Hi, I am new to this forum, and I love it, so Hello :-)

I totaly agree with Tony, down beat with down strokes.
With your update, John, there is still weird up strokes for me :
bar 5, 7, 9 and 15

Tony O Rourke - Posted - 02/21/2021:  23:19:32

I was looking at the first bar as an anacrusis bar(a pick up note) rather than a full bar, so to clarify the up strokes in Bars 5,7,9, and 15 should all be down strokes because each of these down stroke ntated notes occur ''off'' the beat.

Hilly Strings - Posted - 02/22/2021:  12:22:07

Many thanks, looking much better now.

RobertoDallaVecchia - Posted - 05/06/2021:  04:05:09

It looks perfect to me now

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