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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: New forum fingerstyle

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the goodhand - Posted - 09/30/2008:  22:24:53

are there other out there that paly fingerstyle guitar
mayby something for a new foru
steven maenen

Bird Dog - Posted - 10/02/2008:  08:00:08

I do.


MitchellB - Posted - 10/02/2008:  09:17:31

So do I. That would be an interesting forum as well. Many of the great guitarist of bluegrass (as well as other styles) used thumb and fingerpick(s). Wayne Henderson come to mind as a modern player.


Greg Connor - Posted - 10/19/2009:  05:56:27

I think there is room on this site for Finger Style guitar. I don't think it would take much to accomodate both styles.

upnorthmarv - Posted - 10/19/2009:  07:27:47

I certainly would like to see a fingerstyle site. I think the flatpicking purists would be relieved. It would be nice to hear what others have to offer in that genre.

Buck / upnorthmarv

Alexpnorton - Posted - 10/19/2009:  14:57:34

I have been shy of uploading fingerstyle here as to not irritate the flatpickers of the bluegrass tradition, but maybe there would be no harm done If I ignore that fear.


HD-28 - Posted - 02/28/2010:  20:59:59


Fire at will, and when ready, I'd love to hear some stuff!

steve j. - Posted - 05/18/2010:  13:22:00

Cool! Im glad to see some fingerstyle is welcome. I ve been messing around w/ a Steve kaufman inst. dvd for a good while, but its hard. Ooopick Waltz, When I grow to Old to Dream. & Star of County Down,,,,, but I dont know when I ever get them where I want to throw them out there. Im not that good a picker.
Been working on kinda Carter style{w/flatpick} lately, just to be able to play a little break,, cause I almost always play alone. And I like to play & sing.

I think I play fingerstyle better than true flatpick. ala Kaufman, etc.


SLKmartin - Posted - 05/18/2010:  14:25:53

I'll look forward to that. The way is clear to post what you like. So ,i'll just say I agree with Alexpnorton, oh yaeh thars me........................................Steve krell

Edited by - SLKmartin on 05/18/2010 15:53:23

Dutch - Posted - 09/10/2010:  14:00:28

I love just about any and all guitar music but there are other web sites for any kind of guitar music you play so why change this to an everything site

cabinfever - Posted - 09/11/2010:  12:18:09

I vote keep it the same.

My $.02 FWIW seems to think we all have far too much time on their hands talking about changing names of a perfectly well named site instead of pickin our guitars. Should the fiddle hangout be changed to the acoustic violin hangout to attract more traffic?

I've asked questions here on this list and have gotten quite a few responses in relatively short time. That indicates significant traffic.
If all you want is more traffic, go out on a highway during rush hour. You'll be in a bottle neck to your hearts content. This site was started as a specialized site for flatpickers. Flatpickers and other stylists are welcome here (except snobby gypsy guitarists who think you are not doing it right if you don't play with only 2 fingers.......just kidding) but the focus I want to see remain, flatpicking, can only be emphasized through the label "flatpickers" hangout.

The poll shows about half think change a good idea and half want it the same. I suspect that of the half that want change, the majority of those really have no problem if the name stays the same. The fact is that quite a few people actually voted in the first few days indicating some pretty good traffic to the site. Sometimes lack of activity indicates folk using the site probably have "real" musical lives and don't spend all of their time online. So far the poll in my perspective indicates keeping the name the same.


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