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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Replies only editable for 15 minutes - Can we have it, PRETTY PLEASE!

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ccravens - Posted - 06/16/2011:  10:07:03

I was wondering whether we can have the same deal as the banjo hangout, where your replies are only editable for 15 minutes. I  think that would solve some problems, at least for me. That way members wouldn't be able to post offending words, put downs, name-calling, etc., and then go back a day or so later and delete them, and act like nothing happened.

Case in point: a few days back Steve (SLKmartin) didn't care for the innocent humor on the "How many Rock guitarists" thread, so he posted this:


Originally posted by SLKmartin

As usual, the flat heads like to make fun of what they cant  do or dont understand.  It takes only one Rocker to be a star it takes two thousand wanabe tonys' to play the same old solo, whiskey before breakfast, and put down banjo players.  Cry babies. Lil imagination , less testosterone.   Talk about covers!


The bold face and font size are his. Now someone calling me a "flat head," or "wanabe (sic) tony" or a "crybaby" isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but after a couple of years of this, it's getting really annoying. As usual, he's gone back and deleted the original post. But a few of us have been getting in the habit of quoting him, so there will be a record.

This happens OVER and OVER and it is getting annoying as heck. He's called flatpickers names before and put down flatpickers and flatpicking, but I have almost no examples to give because he goes back and deletes it every time!  Then he will act “nice” and “helpful” to make people forget, until the next outburst and the cycle starts all over again.

He’s deleted/edited several post in the last couple of days because of this. Every time you see a post of his that's been "edited" it means the offending comments and put-downs have been taken out; it does NOT mean that he went back and corrected spelling, grammar or punctuation, I assure you. Just go back and look at the number of his posts that say “edited” if you don’t believe me.

I know this seems to bug me more than some other members, but I know it does bother others as well.  Someone name–calling and put-downs of flatpickers on a flatpicker website? Sorry, but I don’t get it. Some people don’t seem bothered by it, but I’m sorry, I am. I will gladly join the FHO Union if we can get this on the site.


So Eric, PLEASE PLEASE can we have the 15 minute edit time-limit here on FHO?


welder4 - Posted - 09/29/2011:  07:33:40

I guess the sickness is rampant every where but I see many put down not here but other places, but it does nothing to further the art and should be dismissed out of hand. Right away ignore the bashers if you can, because they unfortunately will be with us until we are playing on the great stage in the sky .": bless each and every one here".

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