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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Acoustic Guitar Hang out/ Moderator

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link:

SLKmartin - Posted - 09/18/2010:  15:24:39

I wish to offer my services to the new "Acoustic Guitar Hang out " as a Moderator. This New site will allow the Stalwerts a place to be flatpick-Centric. The others will find a place to be ignored or welcomed . This is the answer to the growing community that is acceptable to all the members and has been running sucessfully on BHO for years. So I'll be fair and will assure all, that any attack will not be tolorated and all will be safe to enjoy the New Acoustic Guitar Hang out. Any thoughts.......Steve......

elevate155 - Posted - 09/18/2010:  16:38:11

I think you're trying to cause more trouble.

ccravens - Posted - 09/18/2010:  16:44:07

Well, you’re the one who asked, so:

1. Eric has NOT said whether the site will change its name or not, so you’re misrepresenting things in your offer to be a moderator of a “new” site. Maybe this is just another trick of yours, since you’ve been pushing to change the site for forever. Your very original post to this thread, being unthruthful and misrepresentative, would seem to disqualify you as a moderator.

2. Based on the trouble you’ve caused on this site in the past, and the members you’ve angered, the thought of you becoming a moderator would be laughable, if not scary. The trouble & anger you’ve caused has made you change your username at LEAST 3 times already (alexpnorton, Elwood, SLKMartin, etc., I’ve lost track). I guess it’s an effort to get people to forget your behavior. It doesn’t seem “moderator” behavior.

3. Your passive/aggressive method of attacking people while including smiley faces, and then giving happy, positive comments for many days after, would also seem to disqualify you. A moderator should be able to treat all people the same, regardless of their views, and have an even emotional temperament. Your promise that “any attack will not be tolorated [sic]” seems dubious at best, based on your past behavior.

4. Others members have already shown why your attempt to compare FHO to the BHO is incorrect; they are NOT analogous. The idea that “This is the answer to the growing community that is acceptable to all the members and has been running sucessfully on BHO for years” is an unproven, unanalogous idea that is being used to try to change this site.

I’m sure a couple of your friends will respond to defend you & say what a great guy you are, etc., but you can’t get away from your past behavior and the trouble you’ve caused. So all of the above is the nicest, non-attacking way I know of saying “thanks, but no thanks.” Remember, you’re the one who asked.

SLKmartin - Posted - 09/18/2010:  19:28:33

I am not Asking You to Say Yes or No as that will be up to the Web master. I allready know that many would not entertain the impending change. My intention is to offer a real solution to calm and streamline this site. Eventually you will see that i mean no harm and i really am offering a solution to this growing site as its played out at the BHO. Time will show the easy and safe solution I offer to be the best.

flash of the gap - Posted - 09/18/2010:  22:50:35

hey steve ye have,nt got a hope in hell, there,s a better chance of me winning the lottery,

slowhand - Posted - 09/19/2010:  06:04:45

Remember folks, Steve wants to change FPHO because his original songs don't get the attention here that he craves. So make him happy, and go here:

Get yourself an account and rate all of his songs. But whatever you do, don't rate them all 1-star, because that would drive him absolutely nuts!

SLKmartin - Posted - 09/19/2010:  07:48:15

I assume that my offer as a Moderator or my Idea as to how to improve conditions here is not very popular. Still I have volunteered my service to the Web Master as stated and will Stand by. Thank you for your thoughts, I appreciate that you took the time to evaluate my offer, a solution to current Status-quo.

ccravens - Posted - 09/20/2010:  17:45:24

Originally posted by SLKmartin

a solution to current Status-quo.

Why does there need to be a "solution" for FHO when I don't see anything wrong (aside from the people constantly agitating trying to change this site), and what is wrong with the "Status-quo [sic]?"

Apart from what I mentioned in the parenthesis above, I don't see anything "wrong" with this site; I think it is a cool place on the web for flatpickers of all ability levels to hangout, chat and post tunes. If you don't feel that way, that's your right. But stop saying what a wonderful site this is in your other posts. If it is so great, then please leave it alone and stop bothering people all of the time to change it.

No amount of nice, happy, comments you make praising other people's posts or songs can undo the problems you have caused and your continued agitation (see your OP on this thread). I think most people can see through that game.

I guess I agree with elevate's post above. He said in 8 words what it's taken me multiple paragraphs to explain. Wish I were that succinct. Darn verbiage!

Edited by - ccravens on 09/20/2010 17:55:39

SLKmartin - Posted - 09/21/2010:  12:22:50

Chris, We get that. I dont care to rehash this . Its in the works It will be what it will be. I've asked Eric to add spell check so you wont have to correct my typos' That should help you out too. Good luck Brother, Peaceful afternoon to yah. Wow great upload , nice going on" whiskey Before Breakfast" you are my new favorite Posted flatpicker...............Sincerely Steve

Edited by - SLKmartin on 09/21/2010 12:25:59

ccravens - Posted - 09/21/2010:  14:54:33

OK, Steve.
I promise to stop "rehashing" this if you'll stop trying to agitate things around here.
Your post that started this thread is an example.

So far you haven't been able to stop, but here's hoping that you will.
Then I won't have to call you out on all the trouble you've caused in the past and continue to cause.

So it's all up to you. You stop agitating and I'll be able to stop "rehashing." Cause this is really getting old.
I'd even be willing to open an account and rate your songs on ezfolk if you'd stop. Here's hoping you do.

SLKmartin - Posted - 09/21/2010:  15:38:14

Its Done pal, you cant trust me yet. I know, but soon the you will see. on the help you offer on ez . Thats ok I dont worry about a few cyber stars. Thats not your style anyway. let others help me out on that as many have allready. Here is a real bunch of good guys and here is what they say. Trust or trust not, That is yours to judge.

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