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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: pick of the week contest

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friend_of_the_nature - Posted - 01/28/2009:  21:35:59

What types of pick do you use in terms of thickness, shape and material, what type do you consider best for your favorite music style and why?

Chadtheguru - Posted - 01/29/2009:  05:19:09

Blue (1.0mm) Delrin/Tortex.

just joe - Posted - 01/29/2009:  06:36:36

dunlop big stubby 3mm. It feels right. Also,I remember someone mentioning using a half dollar coin, so when i got one in my change this week I put it in my pick tin and I'm going to try it out

Edited by - just joe on 01/30/2009 06:56:17

HighLonesome - Posted - 01/29/2009:  07:39:31

Originally posted by just joe

dunlop big stubby 3mm. It feels right

Yeah, I'm likin' those, too. I graduated from the 2.0's recently. A thin pick just feels wimpy to me now.

Woodstock, Alabama

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Seagull MJM6 CW (great for fingerpicking)
Fender Mex Strat (currently out on loan)
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musekatcher - Posted - 01/29/2009:  11:49:03

Dunlop 206. Also, the D'Andrea triangles in a 1.5 mm.

Jim Holland
Athens, AL

littlebill81 - Posted - 01/30/2009:  10:45:13

I'm a big fan of the cool 1.0(the yellow ones). But I've also got a saga golden gate when I'm really trying to sound old-timey.

every moment has a song that fits; it''s just sometimes you gotta write it yourself

terrapin - Posted - 01/30/2009:  12:14:27

Wegen Bluegrass 1.0 or 1.2, amazing tone.

Stefan - Posted - 01/31/2009:  02:21:34

Wegen bluegrass 1.0 mm.

Steven B - Posted - 01/31/2009:  07:48:50

I don't know what you really call is a green, Dunlop U.S.A ---1.5mm pick of some type (its got a drawing of an alligator snout on it). I think I've got about 3 of them left. I usually find a pick that I like and, after I've sanded it to the shape I desire, I'll drill a couple of small holes thru the center of the pick. (I sweat really bad when I play and I find that these small holes keep the pick from "spinning around" in my fingers or (better yet) me dropping the dang thing. I've also got a couple of those Golden Gate picks ready to go, but haven't started using them much.....(I don't play's an old age thing..hehe)

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fpeay - Posted - 01/31/2009:  15:48:23

Wegen bluegrass 1.2 mm


Flatpicker - Posted - 02/02/2009:  11:52:10

Fender Heavy or Taylor Heavy. They are exactly the same pick apart from the name and color.


Dave_E - Posted - 02/02/2009:  15:58:56

Wegen Bluegrass 1.0 (black). Why this one, because after buying at 1 (and sometimes packs of 10)) of every pick on the planet, my Martin D-18 sounds best (to me) with the Wegen. No "pick" noises, no brittleness or dullness.


God, Family, Career... in that order!

Edited by - Dave_E on 02/02/2009 16:02:52

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