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djingodjango - Posted - 11/11/2008:  18:11:18

I never learned to flat pick and have kicked myself for this for the last 40 years. My problem is I lose the darn picks down the sound hole, or in my pant cuff, or on the floor or into someones coffee cup. I remember getting hit in the head with a broken pick from Jose Feliciano once at the "Unicorn" in Boston. I guess he had problems too. But, seriously, how do you keep them little suckers from tiddly-winkin' into the audience?

"How can I keep from singing?" Anne Warner

bluegrassgirl - Posted - 11/11/2008:  20:16:51

A little bit a spit will dry and give you a better grip....I put the pick in my mouth for a sec..and then let it dry..

Chadtheguru - Posted - 11/12/2008:  05:40:13

I drilled holes in mine to give it a little texture. Made a world of difference.

robin jones - Posted - 11/12/2008:  07:19:03

Didn't realize Jose sometimes uses a pick.

I use extra-heavys with the tops roughed up. Somedays I still have the dropsies but not very often.

"The Force is with you young Skywalker. But you are not a Jedi yet." Darth Vader

bali - Posted - 11/12/2008:  08:10:02

I use Clayton picks on my guitars and Dunlop nylon picks on my mandolin. The Claytons have a frosted texture and the Dunlops have embossed areas that greatly reduce pick slip.

Bird Dog - Posted - 11/12/2008:  15:17:14

There's also stuff that you can put on your fingers - a rosin-based product.


HD28 Player - Posted - 11/12/2008:  18:12:05

get yourself one of those politically incorrect picks for $40-$50, and I bet you'll hang on to it. = )

AllenShadd - Posted - 11/13/2008:  07:52:38

I usually don't drop picks, but during a bout with some pinched nerve issues last year I did drop a pick- during a contest no less. I was lucky in that it didn't actually hit the floor but instead fell into the palm of my hand so I only missed a few bars of the tune before getting back in. After that, I drilled holes in a couple of my Tortis picks, and it did help with the grip.

rhssaxplayer - Posted - 11/13/2008:  08:02:44

You know, you can buy picks with textures made into them- thus, providing a very nice grip. Thats that way I've always gone...

countrydirt - Posted - 11/13/2008:  15:36:28

Originally posted by robin jones

Didn't realize Jose sometimes uses a pick.

Must have been a fingernail

I use Dunlop Nylons in 1.04 mm and Dunlop Big Stubbys in 1.00 on my Seagull. They both have a raised pattern to help in gripping, but a little saliva helps as well.

Owner of several, master of none!

AllenShadd - Posted - 11/13/2008:  16:58:20

Originally posted by rhssaxplayer

You know, you can buy picks with textures made into them- thus, providing a very nice grip. Thats that way I've always gone...

True, but not all picks have a textured grip, so if you use a certain type based on tone and it isn't offered with a textured surface, you have to improvise if it becomes an issue. Actually, the Red Bear Tortis picks I use are available with holes drilled, but mine didn't have them until I put a few in them.

Jonno1 - Posted - 11/13/2008:  18:54:49

I don't usually drop my pick very often but use to when I used smaller and thinner picks. Especially the light and medium small teardrop ones. When I started playing Mandolin I went to a larger surface and thicker pick, so purchased white Clayton's with the eagle on them and shaped like a larger triangle. They do have a slight rough dexture on the eagle side as well. I use mainly a .80mm but also use a 1.00mm. I also play my guitar with them. I also stopped trying to hang onto the pick with such a thight grip. I practice playing it very loose and got use to playing with it just dangling at times between my thumb and first finger.
I Recently remodeled my basement and did drop my hammer on my big toe too often. Wish I was using my pick instead.

Ken_Hodges - Posted - 11/13/2008:  20:27:47

I used to drop my pick all the time, but for some reason this doesnt happen too often any more. I like the looks of the picks with holes drilled in them, but havent tried them yet. Thicker picks dont seem to be as droppable for some reason.

Ken Hodges

terrapin - Posted - 11/19/2008:  10:46:16

I've been using dunlop orange picks since I started playing and I almost never drop them while i'm playing. If i use a different pick i will sometimes drop them. I really think the key is to just find something with a good tone that you like. I think the not dropping them is in the fingers and not so much the texture.


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