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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: String stiffness

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Johan - Posted - 10/25/2008:  14:42:51

I know from my own limited experience that stiffness/tension varies between different brands of strings.
What brand of medium PB strings do you feel has the greatest stiffness or feeling of resistance?
The reason for asking is that I am currently playing a 12 fret, 24.9" guitar, strung up with D'Addario EJ 17s,
that I would like to feel a little more pick resistance in.
- Johan

Edited by - Johan on 10/25/2008 14:48:39

musekatcher - Posted - 10/27/2008:  08:44:25

Actually, the tension will be the same, if the gauge and unit weight are the same. These are very consistant amongst manufactures, so that all manufacturers sets of .013-.056 PB wound strings will all have nearly the same tension on the same guitar.

However, I think I know what you mean. You mention your guitar has a 24.9" scale length. This shorter scale will produce less tension than a 25.4" scale guitar, as is much more common. I noticed this problem when I started playing Gibson short scale guitars. I played around with heavier gauges, but decided I could just get used to the looseness of a shorter scale. If you're switching back and fourth, you might try a little heavier gauge, but I'd do some research first, because some guitars are already built on the light side, and heavier gauge strings might over stress the top or neck joint.

Jim Holland
Athens, AL

Johan - Posted - 10/29/2008:  13:46:14

I have found that there can be a noticable diffrence in string tension between
strings of the exact same gauge from different makers.

Newtone medium Master Class PB strings f.i. feel "looser" than a set of
GHS medium PB at least on a 25.4" guitar . I tried them in succession on
my D-18GE recently and there was clearly a difference in tension.
That was actually when I got the idea of searching for a set of medium
strings with high string tension for the short scale guitar.

Someone suggested John Pearse PB but they can not be found locally
so I have not had the chance to try them yet, I'll order some soon though.

I do not think I dare wander into the realm of heavy strings, one might
easily lose control over how much tension the top is subjected to.


musekatcher - Posted - 10/29/2008:  16:59:54

String mechanics are pretty simple, and have been understood for centuries. If there's a real difference in tension, then the strings are not the same gauge, and material. But, there can be a perceived difference.

Jim Holland
Athens, AL

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