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New Blog Entries

Piezo or mic pickup for gospel bluegrass ?
Posted by bassdale in Other 4 days ago

Emily Caroline Guitars
Posted by Ronald Rafols in Other 35 days ago

I'm In Trouble Again
Posted by twayneking in Commentary/Stories 44 days ago

Posted by LarryBoy in Other 51 days ago

Photo taking Day.....
Posted by guitjopicker in News 64 days ago

On Being Out of Fashion
Posted by twayneking in Other 76 days ago

Congrats to Gary Hicks, winner of the Recording King RD-06-W from Capo's Music Store
Posted by schlange in News 79 days ago

Time at Home - It's too cold for Virginia
Posted by meandmartha in News 79 days ago

Thank you Acoustic Guitar Magazine for the article on SADDLE picks..
Posted by Richard McVicker in News 90 days ago

lookin for cords to (last train to poor valley)
Posted by KevinH777 in Lessons 94 days ago

Recordings from Our Acoustic Jams
Posted by Kentlands Acoustic Jam in Other 97 days ago

Happy New Year!
Posted by guitjopicker in News 109 days ago

Guitar Lessons Gift Certificates Available - Same Day Service :-)
Posted by RedPelicanMusic in News 110 days ago

I R Lumanog Bass
Posted by hankinhawaii in Commentary/Stories 116 days ago

Have problems holding on to flat pick with your finger?
Posted by Richard McVicker in Other 122 days ago

Clancey Ferguson and The Ragtags
Posted by BG Guitar Man in Other 132 days ago

I'm in yellow holding the banjo
Posted by bangoman in Lessons 133 days ago

Baritone Guitar
Posted by Meles_Meles in Other 138 days ago

12 string.
Posted by thefatcyclist in Other 142 days ago

long time gone
Posted by cibby54 in Commentary/Stories 146 days ago

Jam Group that I jam with - meets twice a month
Posted by Cryo in Other 147 days ago

So I found a good guitar :)
Posted by Susi in Commentary/Stories 152 days ago

looking for a fiddle or mando player for our band near Frederick/ Brunswick Md..anyone know of any ?
Posted by bradyoung1970 in Commentary/Stories 153 days ago

Looking for a nice guitar
Posted by Susi in News 157 days ago

Posted by BluegrassNorthampton in News 157 days ago

New Dave Van Ronk Collection
Posted by Smithsonian Folkways in News 161 days ago

Tonewoods for Weissenborn
Posted by Blegler in Other 166 days ago

Ol Joe Clark
Posted by ryankimm in Lessons 166 days ago

Ovation Tenor Guitar
Posted by ljscanlon in Other 167 days ago

Building a Weissenborn. Information needed
Posted by Blegler in Other 167 days ago

Alvarez guitars
Posted by bob guitar in Commentary/Stories 169 days ago

St. Louis Flatpick 2014 & Guitar Raffle
Posted by Bullharman in News 176 days ago

Posted by banjoplayer95 in Commentary/Stories 185 days ago

Maiden Voyage into the blogosphere
Posted by gooneybop in Commentary/Stories 194 days ago

Red Wing and Red Haired Boy
Posted by ryankimm in Lessons 196 days ago

Roll in My sweet baby's Arms lesson 3 is up! Taking your first solo!
Posted by ryankimm in Lessons 204 days ago

Roll in My sweet baby's Arms lesson 2 is up!
Posted by ryankimm in Lessons 211 days ago

red wing
Posted by kc8hyg in Other 213 days ago

peter rowan tony rice shady grove
Posted by kybluegrass in Other 215 days ago

Oldtime CD with The Possum Whackers
Posted by Kanne in News 226 days ago

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